Rooms and Facilities

At Shimayado NEST,
we ensure that the rooms and facilities are kept clean and tidy every day.
We hope you feel safe and have a comfortable stay.


    • TypeAの部屋画像 1枚目
      TypeAの部屋画像 2枚目
    • Type A

      Private room with a view of Setoda Port.

      4,800 yen〜 / person
      1 to 3.5 people
      ( 1 preschooler is counted as 0.5 person )
    • TypeBの部屋画像 1枚目
      TypeBの部屋画像 2枚目
    • Type B

      Private room with a view of Setoda Port.

      4,800 yen〜 / person
      1 to 2.5 people
      ( 1 preschooler is counted as 0.5 person )
    • TypeCの部屋画像 1枚目
      TypeCの部屋画像 2枚目
    • Type C

      Private room recommended for families and groups.
      Although there is no view from the window, the room is spacious and roomy.

      4,400 yen〜 / person
      2 to 4 people

      ・ You can make reservation for one person, but please note that the cost for two people will be charged.

・ Rooms are all located on the 2nd floor. We do not have an elevator.

・ Prices vary depending on the season. Please check the actual price on the reservation page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Reservation / CONTACT US


Shared space includes lounge, terrace, shower room, toilet, and washroom.
We provide basic amenities such as toothbrushes, shavers and face moisturizers.
Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility.

館内と設備の画像 1枚目
館内と設備の画像 2枚目
館内と設備の画像 3枚目
館内と設備の画像 4枚目
館内と設備の画像 5枚目
館内と設備の画像 6枚目
館内と設備の画像 7枚目
  • Free Services
  • Room
    Bath towels, slippers, hair dryer, mini fridge, air purifying fan heater, glass cups, sanitizing spray, mosquito repellent
    Shower room
    shampoo, conditioner, body soap, Face toner*1, face moisturizer*1, makeup remover*1, face wash*1, cotton pads*1, sanitary napkins for night time*2, bath mat*3
    • Available only in women’s shower room.
    • Daytime sanitary napkins are also available in the women’s restroom on the 2nd floor.
    • New bath mats are available every day.
    Free drinks (coffee, black tea, green tea, etc.), cups, electric kettle, microwave
    ※ You can bring the cups to your room. Enjoy the relaxing island time with a cup of coffee in your hand.
    Front desk
    Toothbrush (with toothpaste), comb, body sponge, shaver
    Free Wi-Fi (available in all rooms), bicycle maintenance kit, bicycle air pump, first aid kit, free luggage storage after check-out (by appointment), luggage delivery and receiving service (by appointment)
  • Paid Services
  • Parking (1 car per night) ※ Free for 5+ night stays
    500 yen
    Washing machine (with detergent)
    200 yen
    Clothes dryer
    200 yen
    Beer (medium bottle)
    600 yen
    Soft drinks
    200 yen
    Mineral water
    100 yen
  • Check in / Check out
    • Check-in time : 2pm -7pm (7pm – 9pm available with an extra charge of 1,000 yen per room)
      After check-in, there is no curfew.
    • Check-out time : until 10am
  • Information
    • Shower room and toilets are shared.
    • There is no curfew after check-in, but please be quiet after 9pm to consider other guests and neighbors.
    • Outdoor bike racks and indoor wall-mounted racks are available to park bicycles. (Please note that the number of indoor racks is limited.)